I can't even tell you how proud I am of these kiddos each day! We have been working so hard for the last week on Number Stories and they are doing an AMAZING job.  Yesterday and today we even solved multi-step number stories with such ease. Try to ask your child each night, "Why does your answer make sense?"  This can be a very hard question because most students want to just explain how they solved the problem.  Keep practicing x2 and x10.  This will help us in the classroom!

We are getting more and more comfortable with our new reading program and both myself and the students love it! We are able to read an anchor text each week as a class and work on many activities and skills together.  Towards the end of the week we then break off into small groups and the students work and read at their own individual level.  Ask your child what our Essential Question is for our story Destiny's Gift.

We are finishing up our unit on Maps and Globes and will then move on to Food…
Everyone looked beautiful for pictures today! Unfortunately, we did not have enough time to work on our Learning Wheel due to pictures.  Look for one next week:) This week we had an introduction to both multiplication and division. The students did great and already have a pretty good mastery of the x2 and x10 facts.  The students have also been working really hard on a research project about the different continents.  They are working with a partner to learn about the culture, land, and food etc.  We continue to read the book Wonder as our read aloud.  The students love it and are learning how to choose kind in life.  There will be a movie version coming out in November so my goal is to finish the book before then. I am excited to see the movie with my own kiddos! Enjoy the weekend!
Just a reminder that tomorrow is our first Spelling test and all spelling homework from last week is due! Enjoy this hot afternoon!

Week of September 18

The students are settling in nicely and starting to become familiar with our new routines and classroom expectations.  This week we have really jumped into curriculum.  In Math, we are reviewing Time and introduced the concept of Elapsed Time which is a little tricky!  Ask your child to give you the length that certain activities last.  Such as karate starts at 3:45 and goes until 5:15.  How long is karate? During literacy we just started reading our first Anchor Text which is A Fine, Fine, School.  We are working on Story Elements, Fluency, Comprehension, and Vocabulary.  Ask your child about the school from this story!  The students have also started reviewing their manuscript writing.  We are working on posture, grip control, and spacing.  Today we learned about the 7 continents and learned a new song!

Don't forget that tonight will be Math and Spelling Homework.
November Update!!!

Literacy Block- We continue to read stories from all genres to better increase our fluency and comprehension skills.  Students are actively working on responding to stories with topic sentences, details, and closing sentences.  As many of you noticed on the report card, inferencing continues to be a skill that most students struggle with at this age, so we are constantly practicing! Very soon we will begin our study of Native Americans and we will begin reading some wonderful trade books.  Students will be given the opportunity to read both non-fiction and many legends.
Math Block- We just finished our second unit test last week so be looking for the test to come home in blue folders with a letter grade.  We will begin our third unit this Friday.  Our focus will be on place value and how that plays a part with multi digit addition and subtraction.  We will also continue to practice our multiplication facts and focus on strategies.
Handwriting- Cursive writing will beg…
October 1, 2015

Couple of reminders!

Picture Day is tomorrow!Please send in Scholastic News and Field Trip money asap....if you are unable to pay for it please send me a quick note and we will take care of it here at school.  Please make sure to replenish your child's pencil supply occasionally. Mrs. Poulin
September 28, 2015

Today is our 19th day of school! Can you believe it? We spent a majority of September reviewing and setting up our classroom routines and getting to know one another.  I am really lucky to have such an amazing group of students this year:)

Last week we started meeting in our reading groups.  Each group was able to work on making predictions, finding context clues for vocabulary words, and responding to the story through written response.  We will begin new stories this week and work on author's purpose and character traits.  Your child may come home and talk about their new W.I.N. reading groups!  Your child may be meeting with a different third grade teacher for 35 min. twice a week.  The students are very excited and we just started on our first 6 week cycle today.  We will be reviewing how to be a good student and a good classmate through literature.

This week in Math we will be focusing on the introduction to multiplication and division.  Right now our main…